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Thailand by Bruno Vincent

#256 - 23 - 12 - Thailand by Bruno Vincent
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Pattaya Thailand travel information and tips.


Pattaya has many types of accommodation available at many different prices. Hotels, condos, guest houses and rental homes are available by the day, the week, the month or the year.
Hotels / Guest Houses:

The best way to find clean cheap hotels in Pattaya is to stay of the beaten path. Anything on Beach road will be both expensive and dirty, the same goes for 2nd road. Amazingly enough, in Pattaya, a more expensive hotel doesn't necessarily guarantee you a higher quality room. The right hotels have nice rooms for the same price. You can expect to pay about 500 baht per night for a nice room. Hot water, daily change of sheets, safe, and 24 hours security are included. The deposit is usually about 1000 baht. Cheaper rooms can be had for 250 baht with no air conditioning, I would not recommend these hotels unless you are a budget traveler, they are usually decrepit with no windows.

If money isn't a big issue you can also stay in posh western hotels They will cost you over 1000 baht per night but will be of world class standard.


Condos are basically studio apartments. They are furnished and cost on average about 12 000-16 000 baht per month. Electricity and water are not included but you can expect to pay an extra 1000 - 2000 baht per month extra. Condos are fully furnished and include cable TV.

Cell phones:

If you plan to stay here for more than 2 weeks, getting a cell phone is recommended (unless you are traveling with your family), you will meet many new friends in Pattaya and cell phones can help you get in touch with them. A used cell phone will cost you about 1000 baht, a good one as high as 15 000 baht. In Thailand electronics carry the same price tag as in the West since the products are imported from Japan.

Motorcycle rentals:

Pattaya has numerous motorcycle rental outfits. You can rent anything from a 125 cc moped to a 1300 cc sport bike. The cost is 150 baht per day for the 125 and 500-1000 baht per day for the big sport bikes. Insurance is sometimes included but not always...you have to ask individual shops about it. You don't need an international driver's license although it is recommended.


Thai food is very cheap but also very spicy although not all of it. Price varies from 10 - 50 baht with an average of 20 baht a meal. The best way to order is to go to a restaurant that has pictures on the menu. Western fair meals will run you about 150 baht on average, there are plenty of them in Pattaya. Tap water is unsafe to drink but bottled water can be bought at only 5 baht a bottle.


No vaccination is required but Hepatitis A shots are recommended since the sanitation in small establishments isn't always the best. You should purchase some extra insurance just in case something happens, although a hospital visit is only 30 baht for Thai people, it could be very expensive for foreigners.


Perfect, perfect and perfect. Pretty much always sunny, when it does rain it's only for about an hour or so. You won't need to bring your umbrella! The temperature varies from about 25-25 degrees on average. You never get cold in Pattaya.

Things to do:

High speed go Karts 500 baht / 10 minutes

Jet skiing 600 baht / 30 minutes

Tiger Zoo 400 baht

Chinese museum 70 baht

Pattaya Park waterslides 100 baht

Movies 100 baht

Bruno Vincent


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