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Best Holiday Packing Advice by Liz Canham

#259 - 2 - 21 - Best Holiday Packing Advice by Liz Canham
[ 2008-03-23 02:01:28 ] - lizc

So, at last you have found the time for your well deserved holiday and you've spent months first planning your trip, then waiting for the departure date to come. However, before you go, you obviously need to pack and that can be fraught with difficulty. What do you take? Where have you put your favourite pair of shorts? Do you have spare batteries for your camera?
The answer is to spend some time while you wait for the big day to arrive compiling a packing check list. Obviously, if you're going backpacking, then you may need a different list, but for the purposes of this article, I'm going to assume a hot weather holiday staying in one or several hotels.

We'll start with the obvious - you'll need a suitcase. This is very much down to personal taste as there are hundreds of different types, shapes and sizes to choose from, to say nothing of colours. I prefer hard sided cases as they're less likely to rip open on airport conveyor belts (or be cut open by unscrupulous baggage handlers) . It can be useful to have a case which opens in the middle, with each side almost an individual case in its own right. This makes things much easier to find, particularly if you're on a tour, moving on every couple of nights and don't want to unpack completely.

Travel documentation - whatever you do, don't forget your passport, ticket, travellers cheques, money, travel insurance policy, driving licence and vaccination certificates.

Clothes - Even if you're going on a beach holiday, your hotel may expect you to change for dinner. If the hotel has a special dress code, the brochure will probably say so, but it's reasonable to assume that a good class hotel won't allow shorts, vests or swimwear in their restaurant. Men should take a couple of pairs of light trousers or chinos with short-sleeved shirts and for ladies, smart trousers, peddle-pushers or a skirt would be appropriate. Don't forget to pack suitable shoes and handbag too. Try not to take too much as it's often easier to have your hotel launder shirts and underwear, rather than packing enough to last you for two weeks.

Toiletries - This is very much personal choice but as an example you may need shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, suntan lotion, after sun or other body moisturiser, shaving foam, make-up remover, facial cleanser, etc. Try to find sizes just big enough to last for your holiday or buy small plastic bottles and decant what you'll need. Put bottles in plastic bags when you pack; shampoo leaking all over your clothes, you do not need. The weight and space used soon builds up if you fill your luggage with large bottles of shampoo and so on. Don't forget your razor or other hair removal accessories nail varnish and remover, make-up, jewellery and a spare watch.

Travel appliances (alarm clock, hairdryer, travel iron) . Once again, check your brochure; it will probably say if your hotel room has a hairdryer because if so, it's not really worth packing your own.

If you need medication, take as much as you need for the whole trip, preferably more. Pack some in your hand luggage and some in your suitcase.

The above are absolute necessities, rather than accessories but you may also want to take some of the following

- Binoculars

- Music player

- Camera and batteries

- Torch

- Mini-umbrella

- First aid kit

- Packs of cards or other travel games - many come in specially small sizes.

- Mobile phone charger

- Books and magazines

- Notebook and pen (especially if you're on a tour and want to make notes of the sights you've seen.

I hope you find this information useful and that when you head off for your next trip, you don't get to the airport and realise that you've forgotten to pack something vital.

Liz Canham

As well as a passion for Travellers' Tales Liz has a love of Asian Food and Cookery.
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