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Assorted Tips on Backpacking by Liz Canham

#260 - 2 - 21 - Assorted Tips on Backpacking by Liz Canham
[ 2008-03-23 02:05:30 ] - lizc

Travellers around the world delight in visiting the sights and wonders of diverse places with just a rucksack to carry all the things that they need. Because they only have a rucksack on their backs, the possibilities of new sightseeing and action-packed adventures are innumerable.
ut of course, before you head off on a faraway hiking adventure with your backpack, you must ensure that you get together all the things that you need to take with you. Below is a checklist that will make your backpacking holiday a happy experience.

- Backpack

Naturally, how can you go for an exciting backpacking trip without a backpack? Choose one that fits comfortably on your back. A correctly fitted backpack is imperative. You are going on vacation and you certainly don't need a pack with straps which hurts your back or shoulders. Make absolutely certain that yours is fitted properly. Be sure too that the backpack you choose has a lock.

- Pillow Case

Your own pillow case is essential for hygiene purposes if you're going to stay in backpacker hostels or similar.

- Sleeping Bag

Pick a lightweight sleeping bag, preferably down-filled. They are a bit more expensive, but are definitely worth it as not only will it be lighter to carry, but it will squash into a very small bundle.

- Lightweight Towel

Quick-drying towels are extensively obtainable in many shops. You really don't need to be carrying around a soaking wet, heavy towel.

- Suitable Footwear

Choose comfortable shoes or boots as you will find very soon that walking will be your main form of transportation and as such, you need to take care of your feet. Corns and blisters from the wrong footwear will ruin your trip.

- Rubber or Plastic Sandals

Take flip-flops or similar as they can be used both on the beach and to protect your feet from picking up verrucas and other infections from showers.

- Waterproof Clothing

If you're off to somewhere tropical or are travelling in winter in any part of the world, take a waterproof jacket and trousers. These can come in very thin materials which compress into their own storage pouch.

- Other Clothing

Shorts, T-shirts, etc. should be rolled, rather than folded, as they won't crease so badly. Pack t-shirts, socks etc. in their own individual plastic bags, so you can easily find them. Take about half the amount that you think you need.

- Underwear and socks

This hardly needs mentioning but depending on the time of year and the country you are visiting, you may need thermal underwear. You may also need your thermals when staying in hostels that don't have central heating.

- Passport

You won't be able to leave the country without it.

- Traveller's Cheques

Traveller's cheques are more secure than cash. Keep a note of the numbers somewhere apart from the cheques themselves.

- Money Belt

For security, keep most of your cash in a money belt worn under your clothing and only keep enough for that day's expenses in your wallet.

- Day Pack

Many backpacks incorporate a daypack which you can detach to take into town or to the beach.

- Camera

Most digital still cameras have the facility to take video these days, so take the smallest possible.

- Notebook and Pen

You'll want to keep a diary of your travels, after all.

- Travel Guide

Take the smallest possible which has all the information that you need.

- Wet Wipes

Useful for sticky fingers resulting from eating ice cream or oranges. Great for a cooling wipe of the face too.

- Travel Wash

Unless you're going to find a launderette every few days, you'll need to wash clothes fairly often.

- First Aid Kit

A few plasters, disinfectant cream and antihistamine cream should be all you need. Don't forget sun cream too.

- Toiletries

Try to find small size shampoo, deodorant, etc. You can always buy more. Take a razor which reduces into its own box.

Well, that's the end of my article. I hope you will this information useful.

Liz Canham

As well as a passion for Travellers' Tales Liz has a love of Asian Food and Cookery.
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Best Holiday Packing Advice by Liz Canham

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