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Africa Safari - Tanzania Part 2

#285 - 25 - 22 - Africa Safari - Tanzania Part 2
[ 2008-11-18 07:23:13 ] - lizc


The Selous Safari Camp is part of the same organisation as Jongomero Camp. The service of this organisation was such that Jongomero had radioed Selous to let them know our taste in food and drink! After Claire's packed lunch, we didn't need more to eat but it was much warmer in Selous than in Ruaha so we lazed by the pool until it was time for our boat safari on one of the lakes formed by the Rufiji River. It was glorious puttering around the lake in the sunshine, admiring the glorious birds as well as the native crocodiles and hippos, duly enhanced by the production of drinks and peanuts at the appropriate time. This is definitely the way to safari!

A barbecue dinner by the pool saw us ready for bed for another fairly early start for a morning safari in search of African Hunting ("Painted") Dogs, which our friend had long wanted to see and leopards for us. We didn't need to look far for the dogs - a pack of about 15, lazing in the sunshine and seemingly unperturbed by our presence - and the patches on their fur certainly do give them the appearance of having been painted. So, one very happy safarier and now for the leopard!

No leopard so far but three lionesses lying in the sun, in various poses, for all the world like very large domestic cats. Back to camp for lunch of chilled avocado soup and paratha stuffed with feta cheese and pork - absolutely delicious - followed by another laze by the pool as our next safari wasn't until 4pm. This covered a different area where we saw a huge herd of elephant as well as the usual suspects then back to camp for drinks, showers and dinner of lentil soup and chicken kebabs.

Next morning saw us up even earlier than usual for a walking safari, guided by a Kenyan who was very knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna as well as the birds. This culminated in breakfast on the beach before a boat ride back to camp and a pleasant swim before lunch of grapefruit and apple salad followed by fillet sliced steak served with tomato salsa and sweetcorn salad. I probably shouldn't hark on the food but the standard was so high considering that every scrap had to be flown into the camps that I can't just ignore it.

The evening game drive found us a lioness with three cubs which we watched for ages, playing together and climbing over their mother. In fact we were so engrossed with the lions that we failed to notice an elephant right behind us. We left the lions and found herds of buffalo and wildebeest but had to leave them as the light was fading and we needed to get back to camp. Dinner was pumkin soup and fresh tuna with potatoes and vegetables, our last one before catching the plane to Dar es Salaam and on to Zanzibar to rest for a week after the hardships of camping!

This was really a fantastic safari experience - extremely well-run camps with excellent accommodation and facilities as well as beautiful scenery and fantastic wildlife. I'll definitely be going back to track down those leopards!

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